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We try to make things as easy as possible for anyone by taking over all imaginable tasks. MusicalGreetingCards is a "full subsidiary” of Basisidee. Basisidee is a full service advertising agency that has actively supported national and international companies for twenty years. As a result, we have experienced and talented designers, specialised in devising and designing unique and creative musical greeting cards.

What is a musical greeting card without music ......just an ordinary card. It is therefore imperative that the sound quality is optimal. We work with a number of studios in The Netherlands and Belgium to guarantee the very best quality. We also make use of professionals that are mainly involved with dictating commercial messages. Both well-known and less familiar voices.

Once the musical greeting card is ready, in general there’s nothing left but sending it. The card must be put into an envelope which must be provided with address details, possibly an accompanying letter and then of course the envelope must be sealed. In terms of these operations, we collaborate with various sheltered workshops in The Netherlands.

And once the mailing is ready for dispatch, we collaborate with PostNL, a very solid and economic partner that always reliably keeps its agreements.

MusicalGreetingCards, that’s overwhelming! ...from design to card on the doormat.

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