MusicalGreetingCards, that is overwhelming!

Of course, it remains very difficult: how to get the consumer’s attention? Nowadays there are so many possibilities to choose from.

Direct mail and folders give our brain the most pleasant experience as many a research shows. But a card that includes music is quite unique. You can find these cards as birthday cards, but never as a form of direct mail. We have been designing and producing the musical greeting card, also known as the music wish card, since 2012. Put simply: a card with music/sound. But its possibilities are limitless.

The musical greeting card can be used for any personal or commercial message, such as a presentation, announcement, Christmas, invitation, etc. The musical greeting card is custom-made and can be fitted with any conceivable sound up to a duration of 10 minutes.

Using the musical wish card will ensure much more interest in the relevant product or service. All the more when deploying the musical greeting card at the early stages of your campaign.

A shipping carton, envelope, gift package, book, you name it and we can fit it with sound by means of our sound modules. These modules are activated by movement, a pushbutton or light.

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